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Alison Cameron

Family Law specialist

Alison Cameron is our Family Law specialist Solicitor and has been with the practice since April 2015.

Alison is committed to providing legal assistance that is focused upon the impact upon the children, while maintaining strong representation through negotiations designed to achieve favourable and positive outcomes for her clients.

Alison assists couples who decide to divorce and those who decide to separate, whether or not they married.  The law applicable to these situations can very different in relation to income, property, capital investments, pensions and in some instances, children.

If you did marry, you have the choice of whether to dissolve your marriage and address financial matters straight away, or to come to an agreement about the finances and then look at divorce proceedings later.  Alison has extensive experience in both of these situations and is equipped to provide advice to guide you through either process.

Until the government changes the law to make divorce less adversarial there is only one reason to petition for divorce and that is the irretrievable breakdown of your marriage. Alison can discuss the supporting “facts” that you can use to support your individual circumstances.

The majority of Alison’s work is within financial proceedings, advising in relation to the potential outcomes and throughout negotiations prior to and within court proceedings.  Alison is a considered advocate, instructing Counsel only where absolutely necessary.

Alison has significant experience in the appropriate use of experts to assist in complex financial proceedings.

Throughout Alison’s career she has maintained a focus on private children proceedings and has acted for clients in complex and emotionally sensitive proceedings, balancing the timetable for the court, the needs of the child and the best outcome for her client.  Children proceedings can cover a wide range of issues such as where your children will live, who they will spend time with and welfare issues whilst helping to ensure children are not exposed to adult conflict.

Alison will be able to estimate what claims you may have, how long it is likely to take and how much it could cost. She will not judge you but advise and represent you and lend a sympathetic ear.


Direct Line: 01625 856770 (Poynton Office)