One of the issues that must be addressed upon separation or divorce is financial matters. This is a specialist area of the law and requires expert advice. We have significant experience in dealing with financial matters.

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We aim to deal with matters quickly and efficiently to ensure wherever possible the issues can be addressed amicably and quickly.

In some cases, court proceedings cannot be avoided. There are various options through referrals to mediation and negotiation through solicitors to help regulate costs and avoid the delays that come with court proceedings.

There are a multitude of orders that can be made and settlements will vary from family to family depending on individual circumstances.

Agreements reached can be incorporated into a consent order to be approved by the Court.

We can offer fixed fees and flexible payment arrangements depending on your individual circumstances.

Planning to live together

If you are embarking on a new adventure together and plan to live together it can be a good idea to decide who will pay for what in advance. Although it may seem a little pessimistic to think about these issues at an early stage, you may find that a written agreement could extinguish bitterness that can arise upon separation.

Our team at Manners Pimblett can assist and advise you in preparing a living together agreement that can regulate the agreement you have with a partner from the outset.

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