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COVID-19 – Face to Face Meetings for Wills and LPAs

A sign with the words Coronavirus COVID 19 on a green background

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, the Government determined which elements of our society are to be deemed “key workers”.

As Solicitors dealing with the preparation and execution of Wills, we have been deemed to fulfil this category.

However, in line with current Government advice we will not be able to see you if fall within any of the categories ordered to self-isolate.

We have put on hold any home visits, nursing home or hospital visits.

The safety of our staff, our clients, and the public at large are paramount.  As such, all non-essential visits are not to be arranged.

We will explore other ways of communication with you using technology, including “FaceTime” or “E-mail”.  We are likely to spend more time with you over the telephone in advising and preparing your Will.

If you are not able to arrange yourself (with neighbours )  for  the signing and witnessing of your completed Wills and it is necessary for you  to visit our office to do so, so it is clear, our “step by step” guide follows below.

If a “face to face” meeting is required to enable the execution of your Will, we will maintain social distancing, as well as ensuring full antibacterial sanitisation of all surfaces you may come into contact with.

Further, those members of staff working within the office continue to follow Government advice on washing hands and surfaces within the office itself.

We will ask you details of your current situation at home before you come in, including whether you have recently travelled abroad, you or someone in your household, or you have recently come  into contact with is displaying /has displayed symptoms of COVID-19 ,or as a precautionary measure is/has self-isolated.


  • Face to Face meetings in the office are by pre-arranged appointment only.

  • Clients to press the buzzer for entry, at which point the door will be opened by a staff member in reception remotely.

  • Clients must at all times remain in the foyer and the glass windows remain shut.

  • Discussions to take place through the glass windows.

  • ALL surfaces will be wiped/cleaned/sanitised with antibacterial gel/spray prior to the arranged appointment.

  • If possible, clients are requested to bring their own black ball point pen. Should they not be able to do so, then we will ensure there is a sanitised pen for their use.

  • Any paperwork for signing/witnessing to be exchanged through small opening in the windows, which are to be closed immediately.

  • All surfaces will be wiped/cleaned/sanitised again following exit.

A photo of the entrances to offices at Manners Pimblett and Saville Solicitors

If you have any concerns please contact us on 01625 850 888 or email


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